World class loudspeaker performance for real-world systems:
Introducing Rockport’s new Cygnus loudspeaker.

In an industry where hyperbole reigns supreme, and additional money spent often has little correlation to improved performance, the Cygnus is truly an uncommon loudspeaker.

Maintaining the iconic Rockport form, the Cygnus embodies all of the attributes that the Avior II and Atria II are known for, yet brings each of these elements to an even higher performance level. The result is a loudspeaker which, like its siblings, transcends the boundaries of technical excellence and enters the realm of actually making music.

The Cygnus features our new Aluminum/MDF hybrid construction, where the baffle is machined from two ¾” thick, aircraft grade aluminum plates that sandwich a viscoelastic polymer, forming a 1 ½” thick, constrained-mode damped composite sub-baffle. This aluminum sub-baffle assembly is in turn bolted and bonded onto the enclosure’s 3 inch thick MDF inner baffle. All of the drive units are mounted to the aluminum sub-baffle assembly, which results in a dramatically lower noise floor, as well as greater dynamic articulation and resolution from the drive units themselves.

The Cygnus’ beryllium tweeter is mounted into a custom, machined aluminum waveguide which improves the acoustic impedance match of the tweeter at the low end of its range, allowing for lower distortion and greater dynamic expression from the tweeter itself, and improved dispersion characteristics at the midrange/tweeter crossover point. Numerous prototype waveguides were modeled and manufactured using the stereolithography process until the optimum waveguide profile was achieved. The waveguide is precision diamond-machined and then anodized, rendering a beautiful 3-D luster, and providing an ideal mounting surface for the tweeter.

The Cygnus loudspeaker benefits from our latest generation midrange, and uses Rockport’s state-of-the-art, variable section thickness, carbon fiber sandwich composite cone matched to our enormously powerful, ultra-low distortion motor system. With a usable bandwidth of nearly 6 octaves, distortion figures lower than some amplifiers (-60 dB!), as well as linear excursion that rivals many midbass drivers, the midrange reproduction of the Cygnus is groundbreaking. When matched to our new waveguide mounted beryllium tweeter, the Cygnus midrange is extraordinarily resolved, textured, and dynamically engaging, and presents music with a coherency so natural it’s uncanny.

Genuine, first octave extension is delivered via two, all new, custom designed and built 10″ carbon fiber/sandwich composite woofers per channel. The woofer’s massive 3″ diameter motor system provides enormous thermal and mechanical headroom and also exhibits the same vanishingly low distortion figures as our midrange driver (-60 dB!). With 50% greater surface area than the Avior’s twin woofers, the extension, ease, and resolution of the Cygnus’ bass registers is world class by any standard, especially given the enclosure’s modest proportions.

Like all Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, the singular purpose to re-create a musical experience is echoed in each design choice, and every detail of the Cygnus is finished to the highest standard.