Rockport Technologies is pleased to introduce the all new Taurus center channel loudspeaker as the perfect complement for any of our loudspeakers in a truly high-end, integrated audio/video system. The Taurus is an extremely flexible unit which can be delivered either as a stand mounted center channel, or with a low plinth mount for in-cabinet installations. Its unique design allows for precision rake angle adjustment to optimize vertical radiation for different mounting heights, listening heights, and listening distances. To ensure proper integration into the system, the Taurus has also been designed to work while placed directly against the wall.

The bass and lower midrange registers are provided by two of our newly developed 7 inch midbass drivers. These drivers feature all of the hallmark Rockport design elements, including extremely robust cast aluminum frames, oversized spiders, vented titanium voice coil formers, and a newly developed variable section thickness carbon fiber sandwich composite cone. The midrange is handled by our unrivalled 6 inch carbon fiber sandwich composite cone midrange unit, and high frequencies by our custom, waveguide mounted beryllium dome tweeter.

The importance of exceptionally clean, natural midrange and high-frequency registers, coupled to a robust midbass cannot be understated for a center channel due to the demanding requirements of this application. The dynamic envelope, articulation, and tonally neutral character of the Taurus center channel provide a perfect match with all Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, yielding the most coherent audio experience for film and video.