Following two years of exhaustive development, and capitalizing on nearly 35 years of state-of-the-art loudspeaker research and design, we are proud to introduce the LYNX™ loudspeaker. Consistent with Rockport’s trajectory of producing the most potent, full-range loudspeakers that deliver extraordinary musical scale, all while maintaining a domestically friendly proportion, the LYNX is unrivaled in its ability to convey music’s grandeur from such a surprisingly compact enclosure.

Immediately apparent are the classic Rockport design cues, all of which contribute to our deliberate ‘form follows function’ philosophy. A continued evolution of our world-renowned enclosure designs, the LYNX boasts an all-new DAMSTIF3™ enclosure which is formed from a single, massive aluminum casting.

“The LYNX is the first time we’ve been able to trickle down technology from our flagship LYRA to a loudspeaker that will fit comfortably in any home. As with the LYRA, the fundamental absence of enclosure induced noise has a profound effect on the LYNX’s musical presentation, yielding an incredibly low noise floor, unmatched dynamic contrasts, and astonishing low level information retrieval.” says Andrew Payor, Rockport’s founder and Director of Technology. “Like the LYRA, the LYNX’s new DAMSTIF3 enclosure has no joinery, no fasteners, and simultaneously achieves the multiple goals of maximum damping, stiffness, and mass.”

Uniquely driven

A direct descendent of the LYRA, the drive unit complement for the LYNX includes our custom 10 inch, carbon fiber sandwich cone woofer, our latest custom 6 inch carbon fiber sandwich cone midrange, and our incomparable 1 inch waveguide-loaded beryllium tweeter. Together, this driver array delivers authoritative, first octave bass response with abundant headroom and startling agility, an ultra transparent midrange, rich in densely saturated tonal colors and texture, all crowned by a crystalline pure, dynamically realistic high frequency register.

The waveguide improves the acoustic impedance match of the tweeter at the low end of its range, and allows for lower distortion and greater dynamic expression, as well as improved dispersion characteristics at the midrange/tweeter crossover point. The waveguide is precision diamond-machined and then anodized, rendering a beautiful 3-D luster, and providing an ideal mounting surface for the tweeter itself.

The LYNX’s visual elegance is a reflection of its carefully tailored design, embodying Rockport’s renowned performance through every design decision. Masterful across all musical genres, the LYNX opens the door to the expansive world of recorded music, and is destined to become a timeless favorite.