The diaphragms for our latest generation of drivers continue to utilize state the of the art, variable section thickness profile (which we pioneered in 2005 for the Arrakis), ultra-high modulus carbon fiber fabric skins which are pre-impregnated with a custom formulated, toughened epoxy resin system and consolidated to a Rohacell core under high pressure and heat (265F) in our aluminum tooling. The carbon fiber skins use a revolutionary new spread-tow fabric whose fibers are arranged in extremely flat profiles with far less crimp angle between the tows that results in substantially lower aerial weight, a higher carbon fiber/resin ratio, and subsequently higher tensile modulus than any other fabric available. With an aerial weight of a mere 2.4 oz/m², this unique fabric enables us to build the highest stiffness to weight ratio cones possible, ensuring pistonic behavior throughout the entire pass band of the driver. This unique fabric is currently employed exclusively by Rockport Technologies for loudspeaker cones, and is fundamental to the superiority of our drivers.

Our latest generation midrange driver, designed from the ground up by Rockport Technologies, has been refined in a number of significant ways. Every component of this driver from its robust cast aluminum frame, low loss roll surround, oversized spider, vented titanium voice coil former, ultra-low distortion motor system with copper shorting rings, and custom variable section thickness, carbon fiber sandwich composite cone was designed to produce the lowest distortion, highest resolution, most dynamic midrange driver possible. Evidenced by the astonishingly low distortion figures (-60 dB second and third harmonic distortion), a usable bandwidth of nearly 6 octaves as well as linear excursion that rivals many midbass drivers, there’s no question that we have exceeded every goal for this driver.

Our 9″ bass driver was also designed from the ground up by Rockport Technologies specifically for our Avior II and Atria II loudspeaker. Rather than working with the inherent compromises of “off the shelf” woofers, we designed and built this driver to deliver incredibly agile, high-resolution, true first octave bass response with the maximum amount of dynamic headroom and lowest possible distortion. In other words, we created a woofer that was good enough to be partnered with our new midrange driver. Utilizing the same type of sandwich construction cone as our midrange, a vented titanium voice coil former, enormously stiff cast aluminum frame, oversized spider and ultra-low distortion motor system capable of huge excursions yet with vanishingly low distortion, this bass driver is the perfect complement to our midrange driver.

Our new 10 inch driver can only be described as astonishing. The woofer’s massive 3″ diameter motor system provides enormous thermal headroom as well as nearly 25 mm of linear excursion. Like our other drivers, the 10 inch unit is built with the same type of enormously stiff cast aluminum frame, oversized spider and ultra-low distortion motor system. This, coupled with our exclusive carbon fiber sandwich construction cone yields equally low distortion figures as our other drivers (-60 dB!), and results in extension, ease, and harmonic resolution of the bass registers that is unique to Rockport Technologies loudspeakers.