Through extremely carefully considered materials choices, coupled with strict adherence to mechanical, electrical, and acoustic engineering principles, our products are designed to maintain the absolute integrity of the original music signal. This allows for the greatest appreciation of one’s recordings, fully capturing the nuance and raw emotion of the original musical event, no matter how simple or demanding. Since our designs are inherently tonally neutral, associated equipment choices can be made without the need for additional tonal compensation.

Because resonant colorations and unwanted energy storage have been virtually eradicated from our designs, instrumental timbres and harmonic structures are maintained intact. The extremely low resolution floor of our products provides a conduit for the artist’s very expression. Low level spatial cues that actually define the recording venue are also correctly reproduced, and both large and small scale dynamic contrasts are faithfully rendered, thereby enabling the listener to be transported back to the original event. All of our designs are also developed to integrate into the real world listening environment for which they are intended – physically, sonically, and aesthetically.

Rockport Technologies has always attracted customers that share our passion for music, and can recognize the value of elegantly crafted, technically superior equipment that above all else, does justice to the musical experience. Our designs are unequalled in terms of their intrinsic value and build quality, and this is what makes them stand apart from the competition. Rockport Technologies products are designed with performance as the primary criterion, and our clients have always been those who desire to own an audio component which clearly outperforms the competition, demonstrates technical excellence and superlative build quality, but most importantly, brings them closer to the music.