Each one of our loudspeakers is built using the finest components available, and all Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, from the Atria II to the Lyra are assembled using the same proven techniques. One of the many benefits of limited production is that we are not under pressure to manufacture huge quantities of product to cover excessive overhead, or meet arbitrary marketing goals. In fact, we build each loudspeaker as if it were going into our own home.

Every Rockport Technologies product is carefully hand assembled in small production lots by skilled workers dedicated to their craft. This way we can insure that each loudspeaker receives the stringent attention to detail that it deserves, and maintain a quality standard that is unequalled in this industry. Here, Barry and Harv are applying epoxy to the rabbet interface on the Lyra outer housing in preparation for bonding the baffle/inner housing.

This group of Lyras is receiving a final detailing and inspection.