A successful loudspeaker design requires far more than merely following the well established path of other manufacturers, trends, or “by the book” solutions. Loudspeaker design is a multi-faceted discipline with a host of critical interdependencies. Each of the different design elements that must be addressed in a loudspeaker can be thought of as a bell shaped curve, where maximum performance for that design element is at the apex of the curve. A truly great design requires simultaneous optimization of all the different curves, as well as an artful integration of these design elements.

With nearly thirty years of experience designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and phonographs, Rockport Technologies has developed some exceptional machining resources. This Altair leveling foot is CNC machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum alloy billet, and after machining is meticulously hand finished and then anodized to the highest standard available to any industry.

Rockport Technologies composite enclosures are finished using a 12 step process that begins with an in-mold polyester coating. After fabrication, each enclosure is treated to multiple sprayed coats of high solids polyester primer with sanding between each coat, and then an epoxy sealer. Once the enclosures are fully prepared, the highest quality automotive urethane basecoat and 4 layers of clearcoat are applied. After curing, “Harv” begins the painstaking task of sanding the clearcoat, starting from 800 grit and progressing all the way up to a 4000 (!) grit finish before buffing the finish with two levels of compound and a final glaze.